Day 75

Day 75

Well, I’ve been keeping up with the basic cleaning of the flat and I’m happy about that but it could be better. Exercise has gone out the window again this week an I’ve not been eating as well as I could but not as bad either. To be honest, I think because I’ve been worrying about things, crafts and ideas have taken over my life a bit.

Tonight I pottered about a bit, I can’t actually tell you what I did for the early part of my evening. I genuinely don’t know. The latter part of the evening I picked up my tatting shuttle again and learned another new technique. I can now, albeit clumsily, join rings. I think I’ve got the bug now! Here is what I made.


It’s not perfect but I’m happy with it.

I know I also spent time this evening looking through some tatted objects on etsy looking for inspiration and ideas. There were lots!

I have also been looking at blogs and etsy for decorating ideas for the flat. I don’t have a budget to speak of but I bet I can start the spruce up of my interiors pretty soon. I can learn most o the skills I will need through my two teachers Google and YouTube. I WILL get this place homely on a budget of £2.50 and a four finger kitkat if it’s the last thing I ever do. (right, where did I leave the motivation and extra time?!)

No progress on the shawl today. I didn’t have the concentration for it and I couldn’t face the possibility of fixing mistakes. That is on the agenda for the weekend.

See you all tomorrow!

KT :-)

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  1. Tatting?! Woah. That is really neat. I’ve always thought of tatting as being for people who are so intense and crafty that knitting is not enough for them. Honestly, I cannot tell that it is not perfect, because it certainly looks perfect to me.

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