Day 74

Day 74

Today has been mildly eventful. I am the proud owner of a new-to-me sewing machine! As you might know, I already own a sewing machine but it is in very bad need of a service and because it had been lying for a long time before it was given to me, and had been unloved, it wasn’t working very well and was frustrating the life out of me.

As you also know from this blog, money is tight and I want to save for a better future. That means make-do and mend and for some things or spend time rather than money, if I am able and enjoy the task, to get the things I want. With that in mind I am aware that there are many clothes projects and home decor projects that I want to do. For soft furnishings some of them will be knit, crochet or now tatted and some would require a sewing machine and skills I haven’t learnt yet. Because this is a skill I have been looking to learn I have been on the lookout for a replacement sewing machine that would cost less than getting the other one in working order. I started looking locally on eBay but the prices were usually high anywhere close to me that would be local pick up. Next I decided to look on gumtree. And that is where I have stayed, checking most days to try and get in first when a working model that did a little more than just straight and zig zag stitch was posted for a bargain price. Today I got lucky.

A couple of days ago I noticed an older Singer model had been posted without a picture. I let it go for a day but it stayed in my mind. It was a bargain price and the listing said it was working well. I gave in, emailed and a couple of hours later I got a phone call saying that yes, it was still available and someone else was also interested. I asked a few questions like “do you still have the manual?” and the said I’d think about it. I thought about it, I was sent a couple of photographs… And I wavered. I nearly changed my mind. I called back and said I would take it. I picked it up this evening, and without doing anything to it at all, it is working much better than the other one! No breaking threads, much less frustration. I need to take some time to learn it properly now. The only thing it might need in the near future is a couple of new presser feet.

In the end it cost me £25. The other person interested was coming to see it an hour after me had I changed my mind on sight. I think that is a pretty good deal! And should fit in nicely with my future plans.

KT :-)

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