Day 73

Day 73

I wish I had more to write about tonight. I’ve not done much that will bring me closer to my goals but I did spend some time with the Man-Shape and that was fantastic.

I’ve done a bit of work to the site today but it’s mostly been behind the scenes stuff. I’ve been thinking a lot about priorities and how I priorities people, tasks and time. It is something I want to write a lot more about and I am thinking I will pull my thoughts together a bit more coherently in a page under the Creating My Network tab. I’ve got a lot to process.

I’m tired today and it’s put me in a funny place. I’m worrying about things again and I hadn’t for a while. What is bothering me though is I’m worrying about things I have no control over. Worrying didn’t seem so bad when it was something like exams I was worrying about, the kinds of things where I can control the outcome. Hopefully this is the tail end of me being hormonal and that little pinch in my gut will go away in a day or two.

For now, I sleep. Night night everyone.


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