Day 70

Day 70

I had a lovely day today. I spent all day at a craft fair. I spent money but strangely, mostly not on yarn things. I bought nail polish, the kind that has both brushes and very fine tips for doing nail art. I figured it might be a nice addition to my attempts at the girl arts. I also bought cheese. Yes, you heard me right, I bought cheese. It is a very lovely tomato and basil flavoured cheese that I am looking forward to experimenting with. I bought some chocolate truffles that my waste-line could probably have done without but they were SO yummy! The only craft based thing I bought was a beginners tatting kit. For those who don’t know, tatting is a lace making technique. It has been done by members of my family on my mums side and I really don’t want it to be lost. I got some pointers from one of the women at the tatting stall and I am looking forward to trying it when my shawl is finished.

The shawl is about half way through, but not really. I am two rows away from finishing the body of the shawl but then I still have 40 rows of lace pattern to do, and having never done lace successfully, I’m a little terrified. I’m making progress and that feels good enough.

There has been a bit of minor drama in Nerd Wars, it involves my team but as I am not wanting to have excess drama in my life I won’t be mentioning any more about it here if I can help it.

Relaxing day for the most part, that means smiles.

KT :-)

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