Day 68

Day 68

I had the day off work today. I feel like I have totally wasted most of the day off. I haven’t done anything in the house. I haven’t watched much I’ve been looking for on tv. I have attempted to knit a shawl and did really well until I noticed at row 24 that I didn’t have the right number of stitches… I ripped it all out and started again… Twice! I will be starting that yet again tomorrow. I have crocheted one granny square. That is all really. For a full day off work.

I suppose if you can count a trip to the post office and much planning of many things all in my head then I did more.

Time was doing strange things today. I woke up early and did a lot of knitting, breakfast making and getting myself washed and presentable. I left the house at about half 11 and that was the last time that time went predictably. Things seemed to feel like they were taking the same amount of time as they normally would but when I actually checked, double the expected time had passed. It was weird. And has led to the day of nothing getting done.

I got a rather cool bit of post today. A Ravelry friend sent a “Fangtasia” keyring in a True Blood vampire themed card all the way from Florida. It really made my morning. She thought of me and went to the trouble of sending it. I really appreciate it and I feel like my keys are now well protected against vampires. (They’ll know I’m vampire friendly now, you see.)

This evening has not been as great. Frustration has been the emotion of the evening. The shawl, the weird time-warp situation, difficult subjects being brought up and a general feeling of stuckness and confusion. It’s made me almost glad that I am on my own this evening. I would not want to lash out at anyone, it wouldn’t be their fault (probably) and it wouldn’t be fair.

A mixed day, and a bit of a mixed up post. Once again I am going for a sleep reset. I love that we get the chance to do that.

KT :-)

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