Day 66

Day 66

I did some blog maintenance today. It’s not much that anyone will notice. Mostly it’s behind the scenes stuff. I’ve also been working on other pages and started a video that shows the pictures of the projects I’ve done this year so far.

That has taken time so I’ve not done a whole lot else.

I had lunch with the man-shape today. I think we’ve both had a rocket lit under us in different ways about different things and it’s fired us up again. He said something about this blog. He was joking, winding me up like he does. But he was right. What he said hit home and showed me something I need to fix. So, I’m going to put a little more time into this little corner of cyberspace to turn it into what I saw it being all along. Thanks honey, didn’t like what you said at the time but I love you for it now.

Tomorrow evening I am going to see the muppets for a second time. Again it will be 2 for 1 tickets and it is going to be a half price pizza too (thank you orange Wednesdays!). One of my friends wanted to go and I don’t mind seeing it twice.

I’ll be tired tomorrow if I don’t get to bed soon but I’m just not tired. Quite the opposite. I’m buzzing with ideas and want to *make things happen* but sleep needs to happen so off I go. More tomorrow!

KT :-)

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