Day 65

Day 65

I went to the gym!! Unfortunately that gym trip revealed that my fitness level is at a low I haven’t seen in years and my muscles are weak making my joints sore when I used them in exercise. That needs remedying and fast. I don’t want to think “it’ll hurt so I’m not going to do it” instead I want to think “it will make me feel good and prevent future pains if I go”. That is the aim anyway.

Other than that my day has been uneventful. I have tried to eat healthier and cleaner than I have been and it was felt through more energy in my day.

But now I have crashed a bit so I am already in bed and I’m hoping for a long, deep restful sleep. I have conversed with friends, been mindful of my money, gone to work, eaten well and exercised. Today I feel like life was balanced. That means today was successful.

KT :-)

Ps. Maybe I should have some kind of balance meter? An easier life with balance. That is my ultimate aim.

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