Day 63

Day 63

A lazy day is about to have a lazy blog post. I didn’t get out of my pjs until about 3pm. I am now up to a total of 15 completed granny squares for my blanket (will keep going till I get bored or run out of yarn in nice colour combinations). I went to the supermarket for my monthly shop. I am hoping setting aside another £25 for things like bread milk and other perishables should see me to the end of the month food budget wise. That will take this month to around £110 ish on food for home. If I am meeting someone for lunch or dinner then that will come from a different budget which I am also hoping to keep low. I am focused on reducing my spending this month.

Lastly, I watched The King’s Speech while working on my granny squares. I really enjoyed it.

Better post from me tomorrow hopefully.

KT :-)

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