Day 62

Day 62

Long day… Work went quickly (half day Fridays usually do.) I spent some time with the man-shape.

The evening has been spent getting to grips with the granny squares I am wanting to make a blanket from. I have done the first 4 and I’m working on number 5 just now.

While I was doing this I was talking to a friend on Ravelry. She was going through a tornado warning. I was watching her local news online while a couple of us were keeping her company/occupied. It was such a strong sense of community even though I am so far away. I am sure that if I ever need distracting for any reason, the girls in the True Blood group would be there in a heartbeat (unintended bad pun). There are other people there closer to home too that I would consider friends who would look out for me without question. Community is the only way to describe it.

I’m pretty exhausted now though. I am very grateful for the weekend.

KT :-)

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