Day 61

Day 61

This week has been different to previous weeks because I’ve been getting out and about. Long may it continue.

Tonight I met with one of my close friends for dinner after work. We sort of ranted to each other about things going on in our lives that are bugging us a bit and we talked about other things and laughed. I had got us a special deal on the meal from a website but we splashed out and got a bottle of wine between us (a bottle of wine that was far more expensive than we planned we discovered when we got the bill…). The food was gorgeous. I had pepper stuffed with mozzarella to start and then pumpkin risotto. It was an accidental vegetarian meal for me and it was delish!

When I came home I started on granny squares for a blanket and painted my nails (fingers and toes) pillarbox red. I’m not sure I like it but it is a fun change. I’m looking forward to tomorrow so to make it come faster I am off to bed!

KT :-)

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