Day 57

Day 57

I survived this mornings training but I realised something about myself. I knew all of this separately but never put it together in a coherent thought before. People sometimes underestimate me. I think it is because I look young for my age. It makes me really angry when it happens and I’m not often sure how best to channel that. It happened today, I was talked to like a child and it is still bothering me a little.

I’ve been considering how to prevent this in future and if it even needs preventing at all. I usually don’t wear make up unless I am going out for the evening. I think I need to try to change that. A little natural make up might make me look a little more professional at times. I don’t think I dress very young but I could start to look at the clothes I have and try to find cheap but smart looking clothing that suits me when I am out and about.

Generally though I don’t think this is something a can prevent. And perhaps it is best if I don’t, I might get the chance to be the dark horse, or pleasantly surprise people. I’m not sure, but I will be keeping an eye out for it in future.

Other than training I tidied and cleaned the kitchen. The only room that wasn’t gutted during deep clean fortnight was the living room but I have decided to give myself a bit of a break this coming week. I can maintain what I have done but no hard goals this week. I am human and I can’t always push at full power or I’ll burn out.

I am going to look at some of the non-home based goals over the next little while to bring some balance back now that the flat is mostly more manageable. That is going to be fun.

KT :-)

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