Day 56

Day 56

Today was good. Not as productive as it could have been but enjoyable. Goals wise I finished the third baby hat. I’m a little tired of doing the baby hats. I don’t know how some people can do the same pattern over and over again. If I do any more before donating (I’m not sure yet, planning on donating probably Tuesday evening) then I will have to find a different pattern to use for sure.

Cleaning wise I got some washing done and I stayed in the bedroom. I did what I am hoping will be my maintain style clean in here. If I can tidy as I go then the cleaning will take half an hour or less in this room depending on if the bed sheets cooperate! Not doing more today means I have a whole lot to do tomorrow if I want to be able to relax more next week and just maintain the serenity I hope to create.

I will lose tomorrow morning to training for work. I can see it far enough but I need to go and I think I might even enjoy it when I get there.

Lastly for today, I taught myself another new technique. I have started to learn Tunisian crochet. Thanks to bethintx1 on YouTube I have learned the Tunisian simple stitch. I think I know what I am making with the fabric I’m creating but I’ll need to see of what I have in my head will actually work in real life.

KT :-)

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