Day 55

Day 55

What a nice day. Work wasn’t great but it went quickly. Then I picked up the man-shape and brought him back to mine for an afternoon of relaxing fun.

We didn’t have anything we had to do. We could just be. It was much needed and it was fabulous. Even if we did have the dubious pleasure of eating one of The worst pizzas ever made!

Tomorrow I am planning on continuing with deep clean week 2. By Sunday night I am hoping that I’ll have the flat in a condition that I can play the maintain game for a little while and set myself a new challenge or two for March.

For now though I am going to give in to sleep and have what, for a Friday, is a very early night. I have big plans for tomorrow now! Cleaning like a cleany thing and finishing baby hat number 3 are on the list. I am hoping that I’ll find time for some pampering this weekend too. (even if I do need to go to training for work on Sunday morning…).

This weekends mission is to have fun with it. I have high hopes and I hope you’ll join me for the fun.

KT :-)

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