Day 52

Day 52

I’ve had a bit or a weird day but a good one. I woke up and put washing in the drier and emptied and loaded the dishwasher before leaving for work. Work went quickly.

While at work I made a decision about a knitting project I started a long time ago. I have been feeling false guilt at not finishing it. It is a blanked worked in squares. I’ve done about 12 of the squares I think, maybe a few more, but I’m not enjoying it. Today I gave myself permission to stop. I am going to use the rest of the yarn for something else. What I have already knit I am going to turn into something else. It feels quite freeing to lift the burden of that blanket. I know it sounds silly but it really was a difficult decision to make.

The rest of the day I have spent chatting to people by text or Ravelry. I very briefly saw the man-shape too. I feel less alone today and I’m glad. Long may it continue and improve.

Night night everyone.

KT :-)

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