Day 51

Day 51

Today has been fun. I’ve been in front of a laptop all day for work and then I’ve been involved in setting up a new group on Ravelry. I’ve finished knitting my first ever hexipuff (it’s mildly wonky but I can live with it) and then the big news. I started writing again.

I have been writing an essay style piece for a few weeks now, dipping in and out of it as the feeling struck me. I still want to finish that but it’s not what I was working on tonight. Remember a few weeks ago I mentioned the idea for a novel? Tonight I wrote the preface for it and when that was done and I was happy with it I typed the infamous words “chapter 1”. I have ideas swimming in my head now and research I am going to need to do to make it what I know it can be but I have written the first few words.

To be honest I have written blog posts longer than the preface I wrote tonight but I am still really happy with it. It is the first step on what I know will be a long journey. I don’t expect to find time to write some of it every day but I’d like to at least explore what might be possible with it.

I’ve tired myself out tonight so I am going to go to bed now and leave you with a picture of my finished hexipuff. See you tomorrow!


KT :-)

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