Day 50

Day 50

Fifty days and I’m still here. I’ve surprised myself.

Today was long. The whole weekend has felt a bit long. I don’t really enjoy work most of the time but I’m almost glad to be going there tomorrow. I know I won’t feel that way when I wake up though… I’ve been out of sorts this weekend. I’ve felt a bit emotional and I really don’t know why. I’m just riding it out till it passes seeing as how I have no idea what triggered it.

Today deep clean week continued. The bedroom is all but done. From top to bottom it has been scrubbed. The one thing I didn’t do was brush the carpet but it has been hoovered to within an inch of its life. The mattress has been steamed to clean it and kill any unwanteds. The window was cleaned with the steam cleaner too. It looks, smells and feels nice in here.

I have also finished sewing together the elephant today. Never again. That’s all I’m saying. I was cursing it by the time I was done!


I have decided as deep clean week as only encompassed the bathroom and bedroom it should continue into next week. For two weeks after that I am going to be in maintain mode. I’ll draw up a routine of sorts to keep it the way I hope it will be at the end of next week. My spring clean can be a springboard towards making this place feel more like a home. And it will make the decorating that is going to happen later in the year a much easier task.

Fingers crossed I sleep better tonight. Last night was not good at all.

I guess I didn’t stick with sunday summary song of the week. I’m pretty sure this weeks would only have been depressing anyway and I don’t want to wallow like that. Tomorrow I find some smiles.


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