Day 48

Day 48

I started off today right. Before I left for work (early because I had a meeting before half 8) I had emptied and reloaded the dishwasher, tidied the living room and organised another load of washing (that still hasn’t made it into the machine…). That all meant when I finished work I could go and pick up the man-shape and bring him back to mine for us to spend some time together. And I could do that guilt free!

This evening has been lost to chatting on Ravelry, reconnecting with instagram for the first time in weeks (more on instagram another time for sure) and knitting.

Ive been in a funny place today. I’ve been a bit clingy and almost weepy and I have no idea why. Clearly my hormones are having a wee party but I don’t know what’s causing it. My plan? Shut the hormones up with a glass of wine and wake up fixed tomorrow. That usually works.

One other thing, is there a bigger disappointment than getting your mouth shaped around microwave popcorn only to leave it in too long and ruin it?! Yup, I’m the eejit that did that only an hour ago. So much for the comfort food plan! I guess that was the universe saving me from myself.

Anyway, I promised you all a picture of the finished iPhone cover. Behold!


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KT :-)

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