Day 46

Day 46

KT is tired today. I have had no concentration span and as a result I’ve got next to nothing done. I’ve started seeing together the phone case but it’s sorta fiddly and I didn’t have the patience. I’ll maybe take it to do in my lunch hour at work tomorrow.

I started tidying the living room and lost interest half way through and I sorted a load of washing that didn’t make it into the machine. Most of my evening was lost to browsing crochet clothing patterns on Ravelry. There really isn’t as much choice with crochet patterns as there are with knit in the clothing department. I’m not sure why that is, perception that crochet is for blankets, toys and homeware perhaps? It surprised me because what I have seen of crochet, it seems so versatile. Never mind, the designers are working on it I’m sure.

I’m off to try and get some sleep. I hope I’m more with it tomorrow!

KT :-)

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