Day 45

Day 45


Happy Valentines day!

Here is the top secret project I made for the man-shape. As he has now seen it I can share it with you. It is extra special, if you would like to know why and are on Ravelry, hop along to my project page for details. (link should be in the side bar)

Today I took some advice. I only worked on the elephant for a couple of rounds and then I started a crochet project. For the most part my hands thank me. My right hand gets a little achy crocheting after a while but I used to get the same way knitting. I guess my muscles aren’t used to the movements or something. I either change grip for a few stitches (awkward but worth it) or I put it down for a few minutes and the ache goes away again. I have started making an insanely cute vampire bat mobile phone case. I say started, the actual crocheting is done, I just need to sew in the ends and sew it together. I’ll be able to share it in a day or two.

With regard to the home project, I tidied the kitchen while making dinner this evening and I have been drying the bedding that was in to wash. A little and often feels good and is keeping me on top of things.

On the beauty side of things, I’m having some major dry skin issues. I’m thinking it is the cold weather but my hands and face have been hit hard. I’ve been moisturising like there’s no tomorrow and I’m seeing improvements on my face but my hands are bad (my mini facial a day or two ago helped too). The skin on my hands is like paper, thin and rough. My knuckles are cracking. It’s not as bad as it sounds but it’s definitely not a pretty sight either. Last night I slept with my hands lathered in hand cream in cotton gloves. I’m going to do the same again tonight. Hopefully it will help.

For me, this website, and the blog, was all about me being mindful again. I have identified what I feel are the key elements in any life but definitely in mine. I wanted to bring balance to my life by being mindful of each area and getting it working smoothly and easily because I believe that is how life is meant to be. Life isn’t meant to be difficult, I’m sure of that. I tip the balance of my time a bit more towards crafts just now because I have realised that they bring peace and happiness into my life. They help me find focus. They help me find joy in the little things. That happiness and calm finds its way into almost every other area of my life too.

I’m not sure why I needed to add this today, perhaps I am just reminding myself. Looking at what I have done already this year I am proud, and I’ve only just gotten started.

KT :-)

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  1. Hi KT,

    You should be proud of yourself, you are doing an amazing job. Your blog is inspiring, When I come home in June, I am going to re-acquaint myself with all of your pages and attempt to do this with my home and life.#

    Keep up the great work, I love receiving your blog updates.


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