Day 44

Day 44

Well, this is the start of deep clean week (I’ve shifted the start of the challenge weeks to Monday in line with everything else in my life).

I started with the bathroom. I brought my laptop to the door of the bathroom with a Buffy DVD in it. I’m currently rewatching season 2 on my rewatch journey. For a full episode I cleaned and cleaned. I don’t need to watch them at this stage, I could act them! Give or take the bleach in the toilet I tried to go nearly chemical free. I could have used the steam cleaner but it is a bit noisy so I decided against that this time. I used stardrops, it’s not exactly chemical free… But it is cheap as chips! One bottle lasts years. That coupled with an old toothbrush for the suction pads on the bottom of the bath mat and a microfiber cloth and every surface is sparkling.

I haven’t done the floor in there yet, I’m going to do the floors all together with the steamer later in the week.

It feels good, I accomplished something. For the next little while at least I should be able to just keep it up with a couple of minutes wipe down.

I also got a little bit more knitting time in. My current project, the elephant is doing my head in. Well, doing my fingers in actually. Because it is a toy and will be stuffed I need to use a smaller needle size than I’d like so that the stitches are smaller, tight and the fabric dense. For any knitters reading this, it is the kfb and m1s that are doing the damage on such a tight gauge. My forefinger on one hand feels like I’ve been poking holes in it and the yarn (acrylic – I’m definitely not a yarn snob, especially for toys) is rubbing part of the other hand. I think I’ll change to a crochet project after this… And use silk! Anything to give my poor fingers a break.

KT :-)

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  1. So sorry to hear that your poor fingers aren’t enjoying the knitting, please take care of yourself. Maybe you should start that crochet project sooner rather than later!

    I love hearing about your triumph over the bathroom! I’m so impressed that you have been able to keep up with your cleaning plan. Every plan I make kind of dies out after a week.

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