Day 43

Day 43

In so many ways this has been a wasted weekend. I suffered a bit today for my excesses on Saturday night with my neighbours. But would I change any of it? I don’t think I would. (perhaps I’d have politely refused that last top up…)

The socialising has done me good and taking time for myself today to give myself a mini-facial was good too. I currently have a spot on my chin that is applying for its own postcode. Obviously I’ve been neglecting myself a little.

I took some time to knit the toy elephant but because it is stuffed the stitches are tight and it’s hurting one of my fingers. I’m trying to find different ways of working. Knitting is not meant to cause pain. It is going to be so cute though! I think he’ll be worth it. He has green body and legs but I’m going to give him a blue head and trunk, you know, traditional elephant colours!

The bedroom has had a lot done but you still can’t really see where I’ve been. It’s a little disheartening but if I stop now I’ll never get to the room I can envisage in my head. I WILL get there!

I’m sleepy now. I had a run of about 4 days of sleeping through the night but Friday and Saturday I’ve not been so lucky. Perhaps tonight will fix things again.

KT :-)

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