Day 39

Day 39


As you can hopefully see above I have finished the first baby hat. I can see in future, depending on the kind of yarn I have around, these could be a great little stash-buster idea. I have now started on a pink one.

For my next Nerd Wars project I am going to be making a small toy elephant. I’m taking votes, based on the yarn I have to hand the elephant is not going to be a normal elephant colour do you want blue, green or a combination of both?! Answers in the comments please!

Ok, back to the creating me project. What have I done today? I started on the steadily mounting washing to help with bedroom week take 2. I also took a 10minute break to quickly gather anything in the living room that could be seen as rubbish and put it in a bin bag. It might be a small thing but it made a difference to the feel of the room just doing that little bit of tidying. A little bit every day with the odd blitz here and there. That is my aim just now and so far I’d say I’m successful most days. Steady progress towards a better environment for me and therefore generally a better me.

I have a sewing project I’d like to do over the weekend to help start to organise my crafty stuff a bit better. I have drawn out a rough sketch of how to do it. I’m looking forward to making friends with the sewing machine (but I am a little worried that it needs a bit of tlc and I can’t justify £40 minimum on a service just now).

In my head I can see exactly where I want to be and exactly what needs done but I have my best strikes of motivation when I’m at work and can’t actually do anything. I know why that is but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating. I just need to keep making the forward steps I am and I’ll get there.

One last picture to leave you with. I put the baby hat on my snoopy for a photo but because of the shape of his head it looks like a chef hat. It made me smile and I hope it makes you smile too.

I present to you “Snoopy the Chef”


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