Day 38

Day 38

Not much progress to report. I had great plans but at the end of my working day I started getting a tummy ache. That lasted until I could get home and take the appropriate medication. I lay down for about an hour until it passed but that knocked my whole evening out. Grrrr… I’m fine now though so that’s what counts.

I did try something new today. One of the Nerd Wars challenges involves donating hats to people that need them. I’ve never done charity knitting before, I wasn’t sure where to start. I started by calling one of the local maternity units (the one I was born in is shut now but I called where it moved to). I got put through to their special baby unit (aren’t all babies special?!) and spoke to someone about donating some hats. I’ve never knit a baby hat before. I’ve never really had a need to. They have a lot of donations of the preemie size but the bigger babies are feeling left out so I am currently knitting a standard size newborn hat. I’m planning on making a few more to donate as well if the first one goes well.

I’m sure it’s wrong to feel so good about helping others, it’s what we are meant to do just because but I really am getting a kick out of it and I’m feeling proud of myself. Thank you Nerd Wars for the suggestion! I look forward to seeing what the ‘giving geeks’ challenge is for next month now.

On the subject of the baby hat, I said I was trying something new. I am using magic loop method for the first time. I’m normally a double point needle girl for my small circumference knitting. I feel a little awkward with it at the moment but I’m just reminding myself that a few months ago I felt awkward with double points too. It’s good to have a new technique under my belt. God bless YouTube!

So, I have decided that this makes these “magic baby hats”. That can’t possibly be a bad thing! I’ll be sure to let you know when I have donated them at the end of the month. (I’m so sure there will be more than one I’m already talking in plurals!)

This has given me another boost. Today my focus has turned outwards rather than in. Future goal? Find the balance of both.

KT :-)

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