Day 35

Day 35

I slept!! I didn’t sleep continuously through but I did get a lot of sleep and I am starting to feel the benefit.

This has been a day when I have been reminded how generous people can be. It started with the postman ringing my bell. I had done a swap on a karma group on Ravelry. The premise is someone posts an item they no longer want or need, somebody claims it and then posts an item for someone else to claim and it goes on in a chain. (the person who posted first gets a nice point that they can use to claim something so it is all fair and even. When a nice point is used that particular chain is finished. I claimed a crochet magazine from Sammie aka mgasammie on Ravelry. Not only did she send the magazine I had claimed but she filled an envelope full of goodies -a random act of kindness. It was lovely and started my day off right. Not only that but I got a message from her afterwards saying that she’d forgotten to put something in! I know that life is far from easy for her right now so to take the time and effort to put something extra in really meant something to me. Thank you Sammie.

Later in the morning I went to Saturday morning knitting group at my LYS (local yarn shop). I walked into the room to be told I’d been getting talked about… One of the lovely ladies there heard me say that I didn’t really have much of a stash and that meant I couldn’t do little projects to try new things out without needing to buy more yarn. She gifted me anything in her stash that she didn’t want or need. She thought it was rubbish, I thought it was a treasure trove! There was so much in the bag that she’d filled. I laid it all out on the living room floor and I’m starting to think of ways I can use it. Thank you!

Later in the day I see a comment on the blog from Pumpkin of Pumpkin Spins fame in response to a comment I left on her blog regarding her beautiful spinning. She has offered to send me some of her handspun. I am just overwhelmed. I try to be gracious when offered a gift. I’ll be in touch, and thank you very much.

What an amazing day. There are some great people in the world out there, thinking of others. I hope to be that kind of person too. The examples from today are all yarny people but remember not all nice acts come from yarny people! It happens all the time, everywhere, it just doesn’t get reported as often as bad news. I challenge all of us, me included, (anyone mentioned above has a free pass), think about a random act of kindness that you can do tomorrow. It doesn’t have to cost money.

Thank you everyone for making me feel special.

KT :-)

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