Day 32

Day 32

I’ve been all over the place today. I slept bad last night even for me. I didn’t mention it yesterday but when I came home last night there was burnt kitchen cupboards and a melted burned heater of some kind and a couple of other unidentifiable objects outside the front door and the door itself was propped open. When you stepped inside the building there was a strong smell of burning and melted plastic. One of the flats in my building had clearly had a fire. It frightened me. When I was a kid I had recurring nightmares about being trapped in a fire. It is my one big fear, a primal fear in everyone I suppose. I could smell it in my own flat even though I am one of the furthest away from the flat affected. It must have been playing on my mind because my nightmares from childhood came rushing back.

As a result of the bad sleep I was a bit on edge this morning. Man-shape took the brunt of it. Poor guy didn’t have a hope. I was up and down most of the day, I am hoping it was just being over-tired but my emotions were all over the place. Even I didn’t know what would come next…

Anyway, thanks to that I decided that as I had taken a holiday from work I should give myself a break a bit to try and even out. I sewed together the sock and wore the pair for a little while. Comfy!

As this is the first of the month the challenges are now posted for Nerd Wars! I haven’t wasted any time. I started on a pair of fingerless mitts and I’m almost finished the first one. They should both be finished before the weekend. It looks like, for the moment anyway, I will be able to answer more NW challenges than I thought. I’m glad to be pulling my weight for the team.

I haven’t forgotten about bedroom week. I have written a list today of things I would like to achieve. I’m hopeful I’ll make some progress tomorrow (and have the first finished mitt to show you!)

Ok, I’m exhausted. I really hope that means actual restful sleep is coming soon.

KT :-)

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  1. I hope you start sleeping better too. That is awful that you have those nightmares, especially when a fear hits that close to you. Stay strong, you’ll make it through. At the very least you have some wonderful socks to wear!

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