Day 1

Happy New Year everyone!

Day 1

Remember yesterday I said that I wouldn’t be starting everything on day 1? Well, that is because I started a little bit early. I have been prepping this space for a few weeks ready to get started but only a few days ago did I really get mad and well… feel it. KT got angry… I deserve to be happier than I am so why am I not damn it? (There was a lot more bad language but lets leave that in the past where it belongs. That was Christmas night. The picture you can see above was taken on boxing day. I woke up feeling like I knew where to start so I ran with it. What you can see in that picture is what happens when someone decides to separate all their paperwork out by type and then go through it allAfter, shredding what is no longer needed. I was shredding bank statements from 1994… (I was 11 years old in 1994) I haven’t even used that account since June 2005… I learned something else though, I haven’t used that account in years, but I’ve never closed it. That is now on an ever growing list of things to do that will simplify things. I can say for sure that there will be more about that kind of thing because is that not what this blog is about at its essence??

So, what did I achieve? Well, I started with two box files (one for ‘archive’ and one for ‘current’) plus an expanding file of the real current’ documents. I now have one really organised archive box file and one still slightly over-full actually current expanding file and just over one very full black bag of shredded paper.

Ok, Day 1 proper!

Today I have really not done much except cast on for my first pair of socks of 2012 and write this blog post. Well, I’ve jotted down a couple of ideas for how to get started, some are easy (too easy?) and some is just a bit too much to do in the two more days I have before returning to work. I had the crazy idea of doing an inventory of all my belongings but I can’t see that really happening. Just too much work for not so much point.

The only other thing I have done was review previous years goals. The picture to the left is a genuine photograph taken of the message board on the wall in my kitchen. As you can see, I have wanted to improve myself for a little while now…

I have actually done not too bad on some of these but not when I thought I would. Lets review them in order.

1. Learn to cook healthily.

This I never quite mastered. I have a couple of recipes but none of them are really healthy and I come back to the “fundamentally lazy” point on other pages. Some more planning is required in this area if I am ever going to get there.

2. Exercise More

This is one of those goals that I have achieved. Then lost. Then achieved. You get the idea. back in 2010 I lost quite a bit of weight. Give or take 7 pounds I have maintained that in 2011 but I’m still not as fit as I would like, or quite the shape I know I could be (or as tight?)


Well, this was just never going to be achievable. Everything in moderation. I am sure that if I can sort out planning my meals and cooking taste-filled health-giving food, then I’ll want less take-aways anyway. That has always been the plan anyway…

4. Do more homework for course

This was originally written thinking about my level 4 (became level 6 – long story, not for here) British Sign Language portfolio course back in 2009. This got transferred to my graduate diploma course from late 2009. Both of these I have now achieved (although I don’t have the bit of paper for the portfolio yet). Like everything else, it came in waves but I got the job done.

5. Have a more active social life

This comes in waves too. I’d love to say I have succeeded here but that would be a lie. I have spent most of these holidays on my own in my flat and much of that was through choice and that seems crazy now but I needed it. The big problem? I get jealous of people with a specific kind of social life, those who have friends they can just drop in on, or those that go to the pub together… I don’t know what I want but I know when my jealousy button goes off and that is nobodies fault but my own I guess…

6. Read more

I’m seeing a theme, this comes in waves! I get on a reading kick but then…

7. Knit more

…I get on a knitting kick and I am no good at doing the two at the same time so to address number 6 I use audiobooks a lot but I’d much rather have a book in my hands more than I currently do, I really enjoy it, so why don’t I do it more?? Who knows. The actual number 7 goal disappeared for all of 2009 and 2010 but from late summer 2011 I picked up the needles again and haven’t looked back.

Insanity- Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Clearly having this in my kitchen for 3 years hasn’t worked the way I wanted or I wouldn’t currently be writing this to you. It is obviously time for a new approach! I hope you will stay with me through this. I’ll be back with more tomorrow.

KT :-)

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  1. I know that you wanted some comments on how to improve your blog. So far I really don’t have any. I really, really like how well organized you have made this blog and completely impressed by how much you are planning to write about and complete. Good luck! I cannot wait to see how this develops over time : )

  2. I just wanted to say (albeit three weeks after you posted this – bear with me, I’m a little slow) that a lot of this sounds veeery familiar to me. I’m also making a massive effort to get some things sorted this year and kind of make a bit more of my life as it were, whether it be creatively or socially or whatever else. So I’m really interested to see how you get on, I hope you feel better for all your effort and see things improve for you :)

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