Day 9

Day 9

Hello! First thing’s first, I did not do my 15 minutes today. But that is not a fail. I have not stopped since I got in from work. I was exhausted but I haven’t stopped (hence the post being a little later than I have been posting).

I cooked a meal using actual ingredients! It was not healthy. I make no illusions. But it did not come from a packet. I made toad in the hole with actual ingredients. I weighed stuff and everything! And more than that, I would call it a success. It is one of my favourite comfort, rather stodgy, foods and my version tasted the same as I have had in other people’s houses or in a pub or from the freezer section of the supermarket. More than that, it looked pretty much exactly like the photo on the wikipedia page. Result!

I also went to the gym. It was not a great workout but the place was heaving. I know it is January, and I went at a busy time of day, and it has all new kit but it was crazy in there. But I went and I did a short workout. That is what counts. I went.

On that note, Weekly weigh-in. I’ll need to go back and check but I think I was 141pounds last week. This week I weigh 140 pounds (63.5 kgs). I am happy with that. Staying the same, or a loss is the goal here. I don’t have masses to lose so slow and steady is the way to go.

Another achievement today, I finished the book I was reading! It was good, I really enjoyed it. I have debated with myself about whether to mix up my book reading or whether to keep pushing through the one series. I don’t read fiction in bed. I’m not very good at it. Perhaps that sounds strange but there you have it. I have decided to keep a non-fictiony book for bed (I am currently reading Stephanie Pearl-McPhee – The Yarn Harlot –  Things I Learned from Knitting …whether I wanted to or not) and I have decided to stick with the same series for my fiction reading on the train and during the daytime. My thinking is I am more likely to read the series quickly if I go one after the other because I don’t have to “get into it” each time if I don’t break it up with other reads.

I then had an errand to run so I haven’t really sat down this evening. It felt good. It felt productive.

I have not touched the offending knitting. I am still not sure what I want to do about that yet. I am thinking I am going to start the same pattern again but with the ribbed cuff rather than the scalloped edge cuff. That should give me a better base to start the pattern from, hopefully reducing the likelihood of ladders between needles when I get that far. We’ll see.

No pictures today but it is getting late and I need my beauty sleep!

KT :-)

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  1. Congrats about cooking something for yourself! That is such a great way to reward yourself for working hard and it always tastes so much better when you make it from scratch!

    Would you recommend the yarn harlot’s book? I’m not sure how useful knitting related books are really.

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