Day 6

Day 6

Oh boy! I’m so glad it’s the weekend tomorrow. Today my car passed it’s MOT (£60 down). I got to use my sign language skills today at work, I am really rusty and I need to find a way to get more practice in.)

It took me over an hour and a half to get home from work going via a town that’s not mine. If ever I see the words “replacement bus service” ever again I’m going to walk. It will be both faster and more pleasant. The coach driver was described by the person who was organising us all onto the buses as a prat. Enough said.

I took my library books back and got a couple about making your money stretch reissued to read into further. I believe in using my library, it is about all I see of my council tax money. And should be a good money saver if used properly.

I had my gym re-induction. I love the new kit. And I am looking forward to writing a new programme and getting stuck back in. Being able to watch videos of my choosing while working out is really spurring me on. I’m in danger of enjoying it!

The started sock no longer exists. It has been frogged. It started with one dropped stitch… and then it all went kerflooey… and then I tried on what I had and decided it was just a smidge too snug although it went on ok… and then I decided I wasn’t feeling it. I had two options, throw it across the room in disgust or pull the yarn out and wrap it back onto the ball and turn it into something else, something that the yarn actually wants to be (it clearly revolted against the idea of being uptown boot socks). I can’t face casting on anything new tonight though.

I went to the gym, I am going to have a beer. I have earned it!

So, to make us all smile (goodness knows I need it), here is a video of a skateboarding dog. Ain’t he cute?

KT :-)

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  1. I had a beer myself : )
    It is so great that you know sign language! Even better that you got to use it at work!
    I’m mourning the sock, it looked wonderful. But I’m sure that whatever you knit next will be even better (and tangle-free)

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