Day 5

Day 5

Today was a hard day. Money was on my mind, I feel like I have no control. I am not in a dreadful place money wise, I know of many others much much worse off than myself but day two of travel plans being all over the place and money I hadn’t planned for needing to be spent is driving me a little barmy. I have read that control is an illusion, we have no control over anything in life but I like the illusion. That is why I write so many lists. That is why I started this website and blog. I want control over the direction my life takes and things like messed up travel (and the stupid yarn tangle) show me that I don’t.

Speaking of the yarn tangle… Next time I tell you a ball of yarn has collapsed and I am detangling please remind me that staying up until the early hours on a school night because “but I can see it’s so close!” is a very bad idea. I think that is another reason I am feeling low, lack of sleep. I was reminded of the Knot A Problem group on ravelry, normally I don’t mind a knot, but preferably not while knitting part way down the leg of a sock… But on the plus side, check it out, no more tangles! (was that not the advert for one of the childs hair conditioners a while back?? Yup, found it! colours are a little lighter in real life, the bit that looks red is more purply pink (and I’m not normally a pink person but I love this!). The yarn is a hand dye and was bought for me for Christmas along with the sock knitting book by a non-yarny friend who definitely listens! Because of the colours, I am already calling these my bubblegum socks. I must change the Ravelry page to show their name change.

Coming home from work I remembered that my car is taking itself to the vet for it’s check up tomorrow. AKA my dad is swinging by to take the car for it’s annual MOT. Yet another cost that is potentially completely out of my control. I cleaned her insides this evening, so no other housework has been done. I guess this is like cleaning your teeth before going to the dentist… Anyway, good luck Tizzy! (Yes I named the car. Yes I have named ALL my cars)

I know I could share more but I don’t want to bore anyone so I am away to get a bottle of beer – not healthy at all but I took my vitamins so I’m still on a plus I hope – and knit another couple of rounds of sock before an early night.

KT :-)

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  1. Hey, sometimes you just need a beer ; )

    I also completely sympathize with you on lack of control. I do the same thing as you do, plan an air-tight schedule and write numerous lists, but if things don’t go according to plan sometimes it really throws me off. If you ever discover the secret to just going with things that life throws at you, please let me know!

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