Day 4

Day 4

What a day. Part of me doesn’t want to relive it to post here, but that is what I set out to do. What I planned yesterday has mostly happened but not in the order I intended it to be.

I got up (later than intended) I remembered the dry-body-brushing, I did the face scrub and mousturiser (took longer than planned). I decided not to go to the gym in the morning. My reasoning was that the gym has all new kit since I was last in and I didn’t want to be rushed in my efforts of learning it. Instead I walked up to the train station to head to work…

Now, before I go any further, this has been a bad day money wise but it wasn’t of my own doing! For those not aware, Scotland has been utterly battered by insane winds and rain. I got to the train station quickly saw a coach outside and realised “replacement bus service”… To get on the coach I still had to get my monthly rail ticket. How is this for irony, today was the day when the train fares went up. My monthly ticket price has increased by £4.60… on the day when no trains were running. The coaches weren’t even going direct, they were going to a station further away and taking a different line into the city. The rain started and generally I was not impressed. Anyway, I got a text from my mum who gets an earlier train that passes through the same line that said something along of “Are you going to drive to work today?” Now why didn’t I think of that?? Oh yeah, because I had to walk the 15 minutes back home to pick up the car in the (now) pouring rain. It was the best option so back I went, arriving home like a drowned rat. I arrived at work half an hour late and out of pocket for the petrol, parking and having now lost a day on the travel ticket. Argh! Good intentions, eh?

Not much to talk about regards to work. I did offer mum a lift back home because the trains were still off and she was sweet and chipped in for my parking. Thanks to tomorrow not looking any rosier I’m going to pick her up in the morning again. For the second day we’ll both lose a day on our travel tickets, and I’ll have parking and petrol to pay. I have never before wished for a twitter account but today I say #ScotrailSucks.

When I got home I got changed and I went to the gym! Hurray! I am out of shape but not quite at square one. I call it square 1.5. I am loving the new equipment, I watched an episode of 30Rock (free download from iTunes) from my phone on the screen of some of the machines and listened to music when on screen-free machines. I enjoyed it so much I have booked a mini-induction for Friday evening so I can learn how to use the new kit that I wasn’t sure of and learn how to make the most of the kit that I tried. Would you believe it, it was fun! It was a cardio only workout and I need to change that if I am going to get the best benefit. I am not going tomorrow, I am going to wait until Friday’s re-induction.

I was organised enough when I got home to put dinner in the oven to cook while I was having my shower. There have been times in my life where I’d never have thought to multi-task like that. Dishwasher has also been on. Blog update written. Now I am going to get back to the dreaded yarn tangle. This photo really does not do it justice… (It also doesnt show the colours true)

This tangle is going to take days…

KT :-)

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  1. Ugh, that sounds like a horrible day! Rain does suck. But at least you did what you could with the remainder of the day and survived. Hopefully the next day will be much, much better : )

    Also, I really love that yarn, the colors are different from what I’ve ever knit with. If the tangle gets too overwhelming, there is a Ravelry group of people who will untangle your yarn and then send it back to you, simply because they enjoy untangling.

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