Day 30

Day 30

I’m nearly a full month into this journey and I am realising just how up and down I get. I’m not bipolar or anything, my ups and downs are low level every day nonsense like everyone else. I wish I had a graph or something to put here to show the difference between my low level fluctuations and a bipolar person’s, the ex-scientist in me doesn’t like a report to go out with out a chart or some pictorial representation of the info within. You think that’ll ever leave me?! I had a lovely weekend, I spent time with friends and people who can make me smile (one of them is sitting behind me right now working on his laptop). I think it was that relaxation and those smiles of the weekend that gave me a stark contrast today. I don’t like Mondays, but I’m not about to shoot anyone just yet.

I’m talking all this negative talk but I’ve actually had a productive day. I made dinner and put the dirty dishes straight in the dishwasher. I took the before pictures of the bedroom. My side of the room I am ashamed of. I will post the before photos when I can put them side by side with the after photos. To get bedroom week started I have also done a load of washing that is currently drying and I’ve changed the bedding.

The sock is 12 rounds away from toes. Looks like I might just get there if I put the time in tomorrow. (everything else might just get put on hold to prove a point…)

Oh, one other thing before I go, hi Mum!

KT :-)

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