Day 3

Day 3

This post was supposed to happen a couple of hours ago at least… I’ll explain in a moment.

Today was the last day of my holiday. I knew I needed to get a couple of bits and pieces from the supermarket and then the rest of the day would probably be my own. I was good when I got up, I dry body brushed before getting clean and moisturising (moisturising is also happening before bed). I used my face scrub and facial moisturiser too. I remembered my vitamins. I am still eating poorly but part of that is getting the rubbish food out of the house. I can’t afford to just bin it.

I haven’t done much in the way of housework, organising or anything really productive. It was the last day of my holiday, why would I?

I knew I wanted to knit my socks or read, just relax basically.

I was knitting away from a rather poorly wound centre-pull ball and then the yarn barf happened. For those of you who do not take part in yarny pursuits you will not understand how heartbreaking this can be. I was brought to a standstill. My only option seemed to be rewinding the ball from the outside and continuing with a normal ball (no convenient centre-pull.). I started winding… and winding… and then I hit the tangle. I have been rewinding and untangling for over two hours and I still haven’t sorted it out. I couldn’t put it down. I’m a little disappointed in myself that there are no photos of it at it’s worst. I can only apologise.

Tomorrow I am back to work. I am going to try a new routine, and it is going to be tough because I’ve not gone for an early night. I am going to try and wake at half 6, leaving the house at 7 to go to the gym, making either the 8.17 or 8.30 train to work… On my way to bed I am going to look out both my work clothes and my gym clothes and locate breakfast and lunch. (I am also aware that I might not even be able to work out because they have refit my gym in December and I haven’t been back since then, they might want me to do a mini-induction… I hope not)

I don’t want to do it. I really don’t. I’m not sure what part I am dreading more, being back at work, or being back in a gym. Unfortunately neither is really optional I don’t think.

Ok, perspective a second, big picture – This job is temporary (aren’t they all these days?) try to enjoy it. The gym has been fun at times in the past, you like how you look when you’ve been going, you sleep better and feel healthier, it IS worth it!

I really hope I don’t come back here tomorrow and have to tell you all I’ve let myself down.

KT :-)

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  1. Laying clothes out for the next day before you go to bed is a good idea! I need to get myself on a better routine! Keep up the good work!

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