Day 28

Day 28

The last couple of days have been a break from routine for me and I think it has been needed. On Thursday I had dinner with a friend and we talked and talked and it was all current and all fun (give or take me accidentally throwing a near empty bottle of vitamins over the balcony to diners below scaring the living daylights out of them…)

Last night I was going round to see a different friends new house and three of us were going to have a night in. The others were planning on drinking with the person who doesn’t live there sleeping over and I was going to not drink and drive home. I’m calling it “peer pressure” with a wink an a smile but I ended up doing the same. I really wasn’t going to (I like my own bed too much I think) but it started to seem like a good idea and a text from the man-shape telling me I should sealed the deal. I drank less than the others but that didn’t hamper the fun in any way. We did a lot of reminiscing and a lot of random chat and it was nice.

Today I had planned to finish off the cleaning of the kitchen. I have the worktops to clean (quick job), the cooker top to clean (less quick job) an the floor to clean (potentially a big job). But instead I knit the leg of my sock. All of it. I did 66rounds on that sock today to finish the leg because I now have it in my head that I want it done by feb 1st… It is doable if I put in the time and work my butt off. I like the second sock, it always goes faster than the first and I feel like I know better what I’m doing.

The kitchen jobs should get finished tomorrow and bedroom week can start. Bedroom week is a good one. I’ve been waiting for it. It is mostly cleaning rather than clutter. In beginning to think I don’t have as much clutter as I thought. One job I need to do is buy some clothing staples. I hate buying clothes, unlike most other women, so my wardrobe ha only clothes that are past their best or not every day items. My wardrobe used to be a bit fuller but 2010 saw me lose around 30pounds and most of the clothes I liked didn’t fit any more. I never really replaced things and as my size still fluctuates a little I have been reluctant to get a lot. And, like I’ve already said, I hate shopping for clothes. I won’t be able to spend a lot so I’m going to have to be quite savvy and be the bargain queen.

So, why do I want my sock finished for Feb 1st?? I told you before that I signed up to Nerd Wars on Ravelry. I found out last night that I got my first choice team. I am on Team Bite Me! The vampire team. I’m really happy about it but I would love to get stuck into some new challenges with a clean knitting slate when they start at the start of the month. I might not manage (life continues to happen…) but I should be close and I’ll be ready to get stuck in. I can see some vampire puns in my/our future!

KT. :-)

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  1. Ugh. I dread clothes shopping too. I particularly dislike going to the mall and feeling rushed to try on everything. I’ve bought so many terrible articles of clothing because I felt rushed. I’ve found it is way easier to order them online or bring them home to try them on. Then I just return the one’s I don’t like, having had the time to see how I felt about them.
    I’m cheering you on for the sock!

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