Day 26

Day 26

I’ve had a nice day today. I have got nothing done in the flat but that is because I met a friend after work for dinner and a gab. It was great but it did confirm my need for company. I was desperate to hear how she’d been and I think I talked her ears off too!

One other thing before I sign off for the night. I think I have been a bit unclear about the man-shape and myself. We’ve been together over six and a half years but we don’t live together (yet) and we’re not married (yet?). He is a great guy and I can’t see me ever wanting to be with anyone else but we’ve never been in a rush to ‘move things along’. For now I think it works as it is (but I would love to live with him in the near future ;-) )

KT :-)

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  1. I’m so glad that you were just able to get out and have a good time! I think that you deserve it! Also, sorry for wrongly assuming your relationship with your guy, I sort of pieced bits together from your past posts. Glad to hear that he makes you happy : )

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