Day 24

Day 24

I seem to have one really great day motivation wise followed by one less motivated day. I am sure that would be ok, by the end of the year I’ll have spent at least half the year motivated. That can’t be bad, right?

Today I went to work, came home, made some dinner and I put away what I had used. Clean dishes from yesterdays dishwasher load were put away and tonights dirty dishes were loaded away out of sight in the dishwasher again until it is full enough to be turned on in a day or two. I have put away all clean laundry. I have knitted 11 rounds of my sock. And I have pottered… I really haven’t done much so it seems. So where has my day gone? I have no clue.

I know I have spent far too much time on Ravelry but for some reason I am constantly drawn back for a look. When I was really little, like toddler sized my mum tells me I used to fight sleep like no child she’s ever known. It was always 10x worse when there were other non-parent adults in the house. I was terrified I would miss something. But what? Who knows… It seems I am the same way today. I am not on facebook or twitter (facebook I have extremely strong feelings about that I will NEVER talk about here, you’ll most likely never see my type that word ever again.) I have seen people addicted to sites like those in the same way that I am currently drawn to Rav, constantly checking lest they miss something of vital importance. What draws me? What the hell is so damned important?? I honestly don’t know. I am considering rationing Ravelry to a maximum 4 check-ins a day or something, anything to redress the balance a bit.

Maybe it is company? You may have noticed but I haven’t mentioned real life friends very often, and family only briefly. I have plans to see friends a couple of times later this week as it happens. That is one area my life is massively out of whack. I’m an only child. I’ve always been comfortable with my own company but that doesn’t mean I don’t get lonely sometimes or see benefits from laughing with friends. Of course I have the man-shape and I love him very much but he can’t be everything to me any more than I can be everything for him (no matter how much I’d like to be), it isn’t practical and it isn’t fair to either of us quite frankly. More soul reading will be needed to know for sure but I think that Ravelry is bridging that gap when I’m not in touch with so many people.

Right! Enough with the deep and meaningfuls! I promised photos and photos you shall have! Please let me introduce The Kitchen Before!


What these photos show is I’m a little bit messy, especially in corners.





I’m not massively cluttered in this room.





But everything does need a damned good clean! (Seriously, I chickened out of doing a close up of that cooker top. Zoom in if you dare but make sure you biohazard suit is on and secure first)



Ok, maybe I do have a few things to get rid of or replace. That poor oven glove is already binned. I’ll miss him. But he’s been on fire once, dropped into a oil bath at least twice and euthanasia was the most humane option…

There are other photos of the insides of some of the cupboards that might come out if the after shots are dramatic.

I am gutted that I didn’t take a before shot of the inside of the freezer. I took a hammer and chisel to it yesterday (I think I forgot to mention that part) and removed the ice that was stopping one of the drawers going in properly. It is now ice-free and clean. I’ll clean the inside of the fridge half some point before the end of the week too.

For now that is all. I’m still not sleeping properly (crazy vivid nightmares kept me up half the night last night) so I’m going to give the sleep thing another try now. Thanks for reading if you’re still with me. Being accountable is definitely helping me get somewhere different from where I started.

KT :-)

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  1. The kitchen doesn’t look bad at all. But I’m sure it will look beautiful when you are finished! Also, I have found it helpful to have the boyfriend pull me away from Ravelry when he thinks I’m getting obsessed. We will go on a walk or cook together, anything to help me disconnect from the world of fiber. In terms of friendship, I completely understand what you mean, I’m the same exact way. But I have a difficult time connecting with people a lot of the time. Good luck!

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