Day 23

Day 23

Today has been good! I think it must have been the result of that good relaxing weekend. Sock number 1 is done! Woohoo! A couple of weeks ago I didn’t think that would happen so I’m chuffed. I have cast on sock number 2. Literally, that is all I’ve done, cast on the right number of stitches and distribute them onto the 3 needles. I haven’t knit the first row yet.

tip of the day

Don’t do Kitchener stitch after a large glass of wine. You WILL get confused and drop at least one stitch…

I ran out of time for knitting because I got stuck into kitchen week. I might not have done so good with living room week but I am already hopeful for kitchen week. And living room week will come around again.

So, I have taken many many before pictures of my kitchen. It isn’t really all that cluttered but it does need a bloody good clean. I’m not at my computer just now so I can’t share the photos right now. I’ll put them up tomorrow. I am ashamed at how dirty my cooker and work top surfaces are. It’s a disgrace. I’m not sure how the cooker got so bad considering how little use it really gets… Do crumbs breed?? Seriously. I think my fall back meal of something (anything) on toast might be to blame.

I have started by going through one of the cupboards with items that are rarely used. And have either cleaned things and returned them or I’ve binned some things too. I feel bad about binning the bread bin that mum bought me when I got this flat. It matched the kitchen so well but bread bins and me tends to lead to forgotten about mouldy bread so I stopped using it a couple of years ago. It is another example of me storing boxes of air… It should go.

I have cool cocktail glasses that I don’t think I have ever used. Mission for the summer, get some girls around for a night of cocktails an giggles. They should be used. Hmmm… Party when I have the flat the way I want it? Good idea. At the half way point the flat should be near enough sorted so I am going to pencil that in for June some time. That leaves the latter part of the year to focus on maintenance for the flat and closer focus on other areas. See? I do have a plan! (I think)

While at work today I got to thinking. I’ve been doing some data entry for the last few days. Once the spreadsheet is set up I’m just plugging in answers. That leaves either time for listening to podcasts and music (when I have the office to myself) or thinking time (on days like today when I don’t). My thinking time today had me revisiting a story idea I had maybe about a year ago. It started as a short story idea, then sort of became a script idea for film or tv. Today I got way above my station. It’s a novel. I am sure of it. I know I could write it if I put my mind to it. The only part I am not 100% sure of is how it ends but that can be worked out in the writing. I have been put off creative writing in the past when a couple of people have read what I’ve written and been critical of it. I did have one writer friend way back when who always loved what I wrote and was sad when I stopped. I’m not sure what I should do to get my confidence back and get this story out of my head.

Hmmm… I’m not sure adding “write a novel” to my list for this year would be such a good idea but the story is so strong in my mind now and the timing is good for it. I think I’m psyching myself out.

KT :-)


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  1. I think that you could totally write a novel. You have so much energy and have some great momentum going with all of your other goals. You should at least outline it or something so you don’t lose it.

    Also, that sock looks amazing! So pretty. The striping is almost perfect! You also did the smart thing and immediately cast on the second one to ward off second sock syndrome.

    Good luck with kitchen clean up!

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