Day 22

Day 22

What a lovely relaxing weekend! I am behind where I thought I would be by now for the project but in truth, I am making enough progress to not be too bothered. If I continue like this I’ll be relatively happy. We are getting somewhere. I have no Sunday summary song of the week this week. I have had a more lazy week than I originally intended and no real theme to speak of.

Yesterday I spent most of the day and all of the night with the man I love. That time (plus the leg wax) made me feel great. I feel rejuvenated, beautiful and wanted. He makes me feel like a fun person, and hell, I felt sexy! It was needed. The time together reminded me that I am loved. I feel revived.

Today I woke up quite early but I stayed in bed reading so that I didn’t wake the man-shape, he needed the sleep. But that time just lying in bed was lovely. When I got up and got dressed I picked out an outfit that made me feel cute, even though I wasn’t planning on going anywhere special, and I got compliments. It was worth it.

In other news, guess what?! Give or take some Kitchener stitch I am finished sock number 1! In case it matters, I am a Kitchener lover. I know it seems to separate people but I don’t find it difficult and I like the way that it looks. I would really like the second sock finished before February. You might be asking why… Well, I decided I didn’t have enough challenge in my life (why is there no such thing as a sarcasm font yet??) so I have signed up to take part in tournament 4 of Nerd Wars on Ravelry. For those who have been reading this blog since the start, you will know I have a fondness for vampire fiction. That being the case I have asked for team Bite Me as my first choice. Being a complete geek in hiding there are many teams where I would feel at home. My second choice was team Browncoat (the Firefly/Serenity team – I have already knit two Jayne hats , I’d fit right in!). My third choice was team Bazinga, the Big Bang Theory team. I was never convinced about Big Bang Theory. Then the man-shape made me persevere and I got hooked. What had prevented me before was the fact that I over-identified with the geeky characters. My first trip through uni was a forensic chemistry degree. That invoved chemistry, physics, biology, a bit of maths etc… I get all the science jokes and laugh a little bit too much. I’d fit in there too.

Living room week was only a partial success. That is why there are no after photos at this stage. I got a couple of black bags worth out of the flat (well when I drop off the next bag to the charity shop I will have.) More work is needed for it to ‘work’ as a space. I’m still not happy with it.

This week starts, if my memory served me well, kitchen week. This will involve more cleaning than anything else. I am hoping to remove one excess black bag of crap, either to the charity shop or bin. The cooker will be cleaned (I’m thinking this will be a perfect job for the steam cleaner, I love that thing!). It should be sparkling by the time I’m done. I have filled the dishwasher, and put all the tea-towels in the washing machine and they are currently drying. That was my start. I can only apologise for the lack of photos at this stage. I should hopefully have some by tomorrow.

Ok, it is late (side-tracked by toes…!) Night night!

KT :-)

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