Day 20

Day 20

I nearly forgot to blog today. Oops. It is probably because I don’t have as much to report as I’d like.

I’ve not mentioned it here but I’ve not slept well this week. I’ve been lucky to get 5hours a night and the sleep I have had has been weird dream filled so I’ve been waking up exhausted. Today I decided I had two options, push it and ultimately make myself ill or take it a bit easier and build my energy back up slowly. I chose option 2.

Option 2 today meant going to work, coming back from my leg wax, a poor attempt at a nap and then tv with a little bit of knitting. Nothing too taxing and stopping when I felt like it. I’m hoping the benefit will be seen in a solid sleep tonight and a fresh outlook in the morning.

It is looking like I am spending time with the man-shape tomorrow. I’m hoping that will be rejuvenating for both of us. It’ll be nice to have some down time together.

Right, I’m going to see if I’ve gotten any better at that sleeping thing! Night night!

KT :-)

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