Day 19

Day 19

I’m typing this on my phone again, 2 reasons, first is laziness and the other is tiredness. The better option seemed to be blogging from bed.

Today has been productive but not as much as I’d have liked. It’s not an excuse, honest, but I have been fighting a thumping headache most of the evening and I’m not sure why. Paracetamol seems to be working for now though.

The living room is at that stage where it looks a little worse before it gets better. Things have been moved a little, that black bag is now full an heavy with rubbish and a couple of bits I’ve been trying to eBay for ages. The other eBay bits have been split into “try again” and “charity shop” (thrift store for the Americans?). The charity shop pieces should get dropped off tomorrow. There is only one plastic bag of them. Tomorrow I work a half day. I have a leg wax booked (part of the beauty upkeep) but the rest of the afternoon will be spent doing the little annoying bits in the paperwork pile.

I told you at the start of this that I had already gone through my paperwork once. How annoyed was I to discover that my system didn’t work as well as I hoped. I needed to find one piece of paper when I got home from work today. I knew it was something I would have kept but I had to go through all my systems to find it… Of course it turned up in the right place so my system wasn’t at fault at all, apparently it was my eyesight. Oh well. I can see it still needs a little bit of work. Paperwork is never going to be sorted out on the first go anyway, and it is definitely something that will need regular maintenance.

I am finished the gusset on the sock now so I’ll be working the foot even for a while. I’d love to get the first sock finished by the end of the weekend but that is all dependant on if anything comes up or if the man-shape and I get to spend some time together. Things are mental for him just now and for the next couple of weeks so I need to stay patient and go with the flow where we are concerned. It’ll be good to relax together when things die down a bit again. I like when I get to spoil him a bit.

Half day tomorrow. I like Fridays! So to get there quicker I am heading for sleep. Bye for now!

KT :-)

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