Day 18

day 18

This will be a shorter post than normal because it is being written on my phone and I’m quite tired.

Today I got more clearing of the living room done. I’ve nearly filled the first black bag and with the items sold or donated I can safely say that is one full black bags worth gone. I’m quite happy with that progress but it is only the easy, surface stuff that I’ve done. Another couple of days and a big dent will have been made.

I got another few rounds of the gusset on the sock done. I realised that at some point I’d accidentally increased a stitch at the heel. I dropped the stitch and picked up again to fix it but it is going to look a bit messy until I am a few more rounds in (and possibly until they have been worn the first time). I’m not the worlds best sock knitter by a long way, I guess I’m still a beginner. I need to give myself a break and realise that they don’t need to be perfect to be good enough.

Is that what knitting is trying to teach me? I know sometimes I need to let go a bit but that often feels like failing for some reason. Hell, most of the time I don’t realise I’m holding on to things or ideas too tight until someone points it out. Even then I probably won’t agree. I’m not that good at going with the flow sometimes, other times – certain undefinable situations – I excel at it. Better balance, and softer judgements of myself. That could well be the lesson today.

Sleep is calling and I’m going to answer. I’d love to learn the secret of the people with boundless energy!

KT :-)

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  1. Your socks certainly don’t have to be perfect. Personally that is why I love knitted objects so much, the small imperfections that indicate that they are handmade. But I know that some people would disagree with me on that. We all need to learn to let go every once in a while. Or at least I do.

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