Day 17

Day 17

Today was good. The work laptop decided to behave itself. I’m guessing that was because I brought my own laptop in just in case so it felt threatened, or it was showing off or something. I don’t care what it was, it was working! And it better behave itself again tomorrow without big brother watching.

Here is a secret, Tuesday is my guilty pleasure tv night. I watch reality tv, especially reality tv where people shrink… I have sat in front of the tv all night. Please do not judge me by my tv watching. If I have no shame showing photos of my messy areas in my flat, why am I almost ashamed to share with you my tv habits?! Oh well here goes nothing!

I started with “Obese: One year to save my live” Then “Worlds Worst Mom” then “River City” and then “The Biggest Loser : Australia”. Three inspirational shows and my one and only soap. For those reading outside Scotland, you probably haven’t heard of River City. River City is a soap opera set in Glasgow. Those in the UK can watch it on BBC iPlayer. Anyone else, I’m sorry but you probably can’t get it. River City has viewers that usually watch in secret. I love it! It is sometimes so bad it’s good and at other times it is just good!

This tv time was not wasted though. I was knitting! I knit the heal flap on the first sock. Then I turned the heel. Then I picked up the gusset stitches and I’m about 8 rounds into the gusset. Loving it! If I hadn’t promised myself I would try to blog daily I’d still be knitting on that sock right now. I like the heel section, it is one of the most relaxing bits for me. That’s crazy because it’s the bit (along with the toes and cast on) that takes the most focus from me. I got 7 rows into the heel flap this time and had to frog them because apparently I can’t read today, I had a yarn in front/yarn in back mix up. But it is still the most relaxing. Have you ever noticed that when you are reading a good story that has your attention and focus you can’t think about other things? Your own thoughts go quiet and are replaced by the story. It’s like a magic trick. The heel of a sock is the same for me. Sure, I had tv on in the background but I can’t really tell you what happened in the first couple of shows or much past River City (I’ll admit, that got equal attention to the knitting). That focus on instructions and task quietened my mind. I suppose people who liken knitting to yoga or meditation are closer than I previously thought.

KT :-)

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  1. I think your TV viewing is great! I watched skywatch and Earthflight on iPlayer whilst knitting my swap item last night (and maybe a bit of Corrie, but that is another “watch in secret” program!)

  2. I love my “fat” tv. I watch them all. Biggest loser – UK and US, Obese, I used to be fat, Fat families, there are actually too many to mention lol. I find them facinating and sometimes inspirational.

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