Day 16

Day 16

This post will be short and sweet. Mother nature has not been kind to me this month. Irritable does not cover it… I have been angry, grouchy, peeved, and generally mad at the world.

None of that was helped by the fact my computer at work decided today was the day it was going to mess with me, it is on a go slow and I have no idea why. It was bad enough for it to stop me properly doing my job. Not impressed…

I have started on the living room tidy and I have packaged up my 3 ebay sales and I’m given a book away as a freebie on Ravelry.

I was going to get started on the heel of the sock but the mood I have been in, it could have easily ended in disaster.

One plus, weigh in : 139 pounds (~63kg). One pound down since last week, and without doing as many things right as I could have. That can only be a plus.

I hope I get a more restful sleep tonight. I might sound down, irritable and annoyed but I’m ok, things are still moving in the right direction, and I just had chocolate!

KT :-)

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