Day 15

Day 15

Sunday Summary Song of Last Week

I struggled to come up with a song that fits this week. It didn’t have such an obvious choice as last week. The only song I can come up with that fits (in title only) is Eminem – Cleaning Out My Closet… If anyone has any better suggestions, feel free to add them to the comments.

Today was relaxing. By that please read that I have not done lots… I visited family and that was really nice. I have done a load of washing that is drying just now. As it is the time of month that mother-nature reminds me I’m a girl (grrrr) I woke up looking half dead this morning and have been more tired than normal. I put make up on to compensate and actually looked not too shabby by the time I was done. That also means that I am not holding out much hope for tomorrows weigh in.

I have not started the big living room clear out yet. I suppose that means I am behind, but on who’s schedule?? Not mine! As promised, here are some photos of what I am starting with. Any blurry bits are where I have photos. I did no tidying before taking the photos. After the cupboard pics, I have no shame and no embarrassment any more.

The first photo is eBay corner and dumping chair. This doesn’t really need much explanation. I have a few things ending on eBay this week (I sold 3 items today for a grand total of ~£8… It’s not much, but it is stuff going out.) I am going to have to see what is left that is really worth selling and get rid of the rest somehow. The empty boxes and bits of cardboard etc are mostly here too.

Opposite eBay corner, on the other side of the room is the couch and a table. The table has a shelf underneath and in there you can see a red box. I don’t know what is in there, or what else is on that shelf – out of sight out of mind. On the table are some knitting books, christmas cards and other random rubbish. There are squares for a throw I’m knitting (and have been for years) everywhere. On the couch you can see Snoopy, Ben and Cookie Monster… They will still be there in the after shots I’m sure! In front of that is a crochet project part done, the house folder I set up during the first paperwork sweep and an empty box file…

This is the other side of the couch, nothing on it is meant to be there. Down beside that is a knitting bag and a magazine rack with more knitting stuff in it (needles and the pattern sheets for the throw and goodness knows what else)

The next picture is the tv unit. too much stuff and little order. The cardboard box is my stash, behind that are more empty boxes. Do I need some kind of therapy for my empty box fixation? does it say something about me??

Last picture, my desk. Under there is a boxfile with my paperwork. There is more paperwork in the trays. The red box has office supplies. More clutter, more stuff in the wrong places. Oh, and a sewing machine.

I honestly don’t know how much I will have time for this week. I’d love to see the equivalent of 2 black bags leave this room and for things to find proper homes without messing up the hall cupboard again. I have unfinished paperwork things to deal with, like an unused bank account to close and other daft things like that. That will probably be Friday afternoon. I know it is a bit messy and disorganised right now but that’s ok, that’s why I’m doing this in the first place.

I also want to do a little more focus on the little beauty things that make a difference, that slipped last week.

I wake up tomorrow in a fresh new day. New motivation too perhaps. Until then I knit a little more (heel coming up very soon, my favourite part) and relax. Relaxation is good for making someone look better too so I’m told.

KT :-)


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  1. That is such a great idea to try and sell some of your stuff on ebay, although it must take some patience. I always give my unwanted items to charity thrift stores (in the US – Goodwill and Salvation Army), so at least my junk might help someone. You have some clutter, but really this room isn’t bad at all from what I can tell.

    I hope you start to feel better and that tomorrow is a better day : )

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