Day 14

Day 14 – Sorry, this is a really long one. I hope you stay with me.

Two weeks into 2012 and I am not sure what to make of it yet. The train hassles seem like a distant memory. It would be nice to slow time down a bit, have a few extra days here and there.

I would like to reveal the old but improved hall cupboard!

What you are looking at first is the top half of the cupboard. The top shelf is mostly Christmas items which haven’t actually been put up in 2 years but as a seasonal item can stay. The future of the Christmas tree and decorations can be decided in a years time. If they don’t get put up this year then they will be sold or donated.

The next shelf down is mainly 2 boxes, one is games and “random stuff” the other is memory items. I am going to go through the memory items in the next sweep. Hopefully I’ll be feeling strong that week. Below that is a box of photographs and a box of music related items. On the side shelves are DVDs and books.

There is a plastic bag of items that I had no idea what to do with. I’ll tackle that with fresh eyes on the second sweep.

The second photograph shows something that neither of the before photographs showed – carpet! What you can see in the lower half of the room is a suitcase (inside which there are two unused pillows and fibre stuffing for if/when I next decide to knit a soft toy – I didn’t want to stuff it full of items on the off-chance I get the opportunity to go away somewhere and need it in a hurry. Another new mantra, make myself available for the future I want)

Beside the suitcase is my yoga mat rolled up, in front of them is my trombone in it’s case. In the orange box is more books. I have written a list of books in that box that are waiting to be read. That way, when I finish the Sookie Stackhouse series (well the ones I have, I think there are another two maybe three I don’t own) I can pick from the list, knowing where to find them. There are other books in that box that I have either already read but would like to hold onto or are reference books and useful.

Those aren’t all my books, I have more in the living room that will be sorted through in next week’s focus area and knitting books all over the house to be put into the living room and dealt with next week too. They are not all still relevant to me but have been in the past, hopefully I can get them to good homes.

Lastly, in the lower picture you will also see mini shelves with most of my CDs on them. Looking into the legalities of it I am going to hold onto the CDs but perhaps see which ones I will not even listen to the digital copies again and get rid of them so I can stay legal. I might only be a tiny fish in a really big pond but anyone know knows me in real life knows I have some pretty rotten luck at times so better safe than sorry.

Confession Time

There are items missing from the photographs. Normally my vacuum (I can call it a hoover, mine actually IS a Hoover…) and my steam-cleaner normally live in there too but both are lined up to use so hadn’t made it in there yet. The cardboard box that holds my knitting stash and supplies should be in there too but has also been living room bound. It needs a home and I’m not sure where that should be yet. That, and they would have ruined the effect of clear space to show the carpet!

Ok, now for a quick fun part – Random Items Round Up! (should I make this a regular feature? please vote in the comments – note though, there shouldn’t be as many things in the next area…)

  • A multi-coloured-stained lab coat from uni (the first time)
  • Two copies of the same CD with no idea where the second copy came from
  • A Bass Trombone (ok I knew that was there but to most people that is random)
  • A Buffy the Vampire Slayer bar light that I forgot I owned
  • A decorative Bodhran
  • SEVEN empty shoe box sized boxes, plus the boxes my microwave and steam cleaner came in (now stored in the other, harder to access cupboard until needed.)
  • And lastly, the travel iron I use as my only iron that I have been looking for for MONTHS! I genuinely thought I had accidentally thrown it out a long time ago. It is a lifestyle choice to iron as little as humanly possible. If something is really bad I attack it with the steam cleaner and leave to dry, that fixes most creases, other than that I do my best to buy clothes that don’t need to be ironed.I want to look nice but life is too short for ironing.

Tomorrow starts a new week, “living room week” if my memory serves me correctly. This has a few challenges. Firstly, my ebay items are in the living room, all the smaller empty boxes are in there with the ebay items to hopefully be used in posting. My knitting box and other knitting gear is in here, I have shelves of random, boxes of office type supplies and the next sweep of the paper work needs to happen because that is this room too… On the surface it looks easy. It will not be. My other dilemma is photographs. I would like to photograph areas to show you before and after as I have done for cupboard week however there are photographs of myself and loved ones in this room and for privacy’s sake I would not like those photos online. It’s nothing personal, I am just not ready to share that yet (and even if I was I don’t have permission from the others in the photos with me. I’ll come up with some solution.

I have spent most of today knitting while listening to motivational speeches on YouTube (same one available on audible for over £5 – on YouTube? free.) or audiobooks I already own. I’ve got my mojo back! The first sock is around 5 inches from cast on since I cast on last night. I want to do more while watching a film tonight. It is a basic pattern but I guess that was what I needed right now. Since you’ve all been so patient and are hopefully still with me, here is a photo from around lunch time, hopefully showing the colours better than previously. This time the pink is about right but the blue is lighter in real life. I am beginning to worry that it is my eyes that are wrong and the camera has the colours right. (hmmm… idea in formation – borrow the man-shape’s dslr when the socks are done)

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  1. Woohoo! That is one clean, organized cupboard! Wonderful job! I’m sure that starting with a smaller space really helped your momentum. Bring on living room week! I wanted to share, if I may, that you have inspired me to start going through some of my own belongings (books to start with). An entire box of unnecessary books have gone off to the thrift store! I’m not sure this would have happened otherwise, so thank you!!

    I’m so excited to see that the socks are finally working out for you. They look wonderful so far! Good luck : )

    1. Thank you,
      That space is smaller but I think it might have followed the 80/20 rule. It felt like 80% of my stuff was in that space… Ok, I know that wasn’t the case but it felt that way!

      I am so happy that people are finding some inspiration here. That was my intention. The more people happy and with the right things in their life, the better. The right things in the right places might make the world a better place. (saturday night, two beers in, please forgive any smooshy-ness!). I feel really proud right now! (pride comes before…)

      The socks are double the length they were in that picture, I really really want to get the heel done tomorrow, the heel flap and turning the heel are my favourite parts!

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