Day 13

Day 13

I’m posting a little early tonight because I want to just relax this evening knowing that it is done.

I wish I didn’t have to come here telling you that I didn’t go to the gym again but alas, if I told you anything else it would be lies. I’ve been busy though. The hall cupboard looks great. I have gotten rid of 1 black bag of clothes that are all too big so now I definitely can’t put weight back on! I have gotten rid of 1 black bag of soft toys that I don’t remember playing with or don’t hold and strong memories. I have ditched 2 black bags of rubbish.

Not bad eh? It’s all moving in the right direction, i.e. Out! I might not have made money from what has gone but I have saved myself a lot of time and effort and lightened the load by just letting it go.

I have a question to put to anyone reading this. I have many DVDs and CDs in the hall cupboard. I have mentioned before that this collection is not as big as many other peoples but for the most part it is just sitting there not doing much. I think all but one or two of the CDs are ripped to my computer and I listen to them using my ipod. I am considering selling them all but I am a bit worried about the legalities of it. I am also considering selling the DVDs but something it holding me back, perhaps I’ll miss the ones that go or something. There are many DVDs and boxed sets that I know I wouldn’t sell but I’m not sure whether to just start letting go of the others. If I do this it will probably happen when the hall cupboard comes back around in the rotation. So, I put it to you, what to do, sell or not??

I am going to go for a shower and enjoy the rest of my Friday. See you tomorrow for pictures of the cupboards progress!

KT :-)

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  1. Hi KT,

    With regards to the Sell or Not to Sell, I am currently having the same issue. I think I am going to put them in alphabetical order and try and watch at least 1 a week, I might make it a Sunday afternoon wind down time, and if I don’t enjoy watching them, then they are going on the to sell/gift pile (for me it’s not so much about raising money, but getting rid of STUFF, I have too much of it). I have some that I always enjoy watching, that I know I will not part with (such as my Disney/Harry Potter collection!) As for the CD’s if you have them all ripped then get rid. You can download any music you want from the internet now, so the legalities of keeping the CD’s is probably defunct. However if your concerned, have a scout round the web and see what information you can find. I only hope that my clear out goes as well as yours, Although I won’t be starting mine until July.

  2. It’s very rare that I get rid of a cd/dvd and then wish I had it back again. I think it happened maybe twice. One of those I just got over and after that initial need to watch it, I have never felt the need again. The other time I went and bought the dvd again. It was cheap because it was old by then. I only watched it once and now it’s sat there in my collection doing nothing again.

    So I suppose what I’m trying to say is that you should sell them if you don’t watch them. You may have a short-lived pang to watch them once you let them go like I did, but I found it soon passes and I don’t think about them at all now. I think that reducing your clutter sounds like a good thing for you and there’s not point having unused stuff lying around.

    If you are still not sure, then box them up somewhere and put them out of sight and mind for a month or two. If you find you don’t miss them or even remember which ones are in the box then sell them at that point. If you really miss the odd one or two then remove them from the box without feeling guilty.

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