Day 12

Day 12

I’m going to do a very quick round up of my day (not much to tell) and then give the review I promised of the Man vs Debt podcast.

Today I got up, went to work, came home, ran a few errands, ate dinner. That is pretty much it. I did some cupboard planning on paper but I don’t really count that for much. The focus is still there though, I will be able to leave “Cupboard Week” on Saturday happy with the progress I think. Much of that is dependant on how tomorrow goes. I work half days on Fridays so I am planning on a busy afternoon/evening tomorrow with my 3rd gym visit of the week and much more cleaning and organising. I’m hoping it will help a lot having the plan on paper of what I want to do there, what needs to go and stay etc. I promise to have the “after” pictures then too. You can’t have the “before” shot without the “after” one, right?

Ok, Man vs Debt podcast. I could make this very easy, and very short. GO LISTEN TO IT RIGHT NOW!! But perhaps you want more detail than that. I listened to the first two episodes while driving around yesterday. I could easily jump right back in from the start again. I don’t care if you are American, British, or from anywhere else, good money management is good money management in any language. It also doesn’t matter if you are in heavy debt, light debt or no debt, I think there is something in here for everyone and anyone. I don’t want to give the wrong impression of this podcast, it is not all money focused, well, it is and it’s not. It is really focused on helping people to get the life that they want. It is happening at the perfect time for me, anyone who has read this blog and started to explore this site will know that is very much my aim too.

The first episode had 2 main themes, or questions that are still rattling around in my brain today (and are nearly the exact reason I built this site, strangely.) One comes from the TEDx talk that Baker gave, the link to which is on the page I have linked to above. This is not a request, this is homework, find 19minutes and go watch it. I have listened to the talk through the podcast but I know I want to see it delivered. At risk of spoiling it, the talk centres on one question.

“What does freedom mean to you?”

I have asked myself that so many times. Here are a few of my (heavily edited) answers

  1. To have enough money that I can do fun things without worrying about how/when I will pay for it.
  2. For all my belongings (minus the furnature) to fit in my car so that I could up and go anywhere at a moments notice. And I have a small car.
  3. To have a source of income that does not tie me to any one place to give me freedom of movement.
  4. To be doing things I truly love every day.

The other focus of this podcast is determining your “Big Why”. I have been thinking about this a lot too and I have found my answer to not be what I thought it was. It is a little more selfish than I thought and much more personal than I could have imagined but knowing it is powerful and has added fuel to the fire in my belly. I must apologise though, I can’t share it here, it is just too personal.

The second podcast was an interesting one too. It focused on goals and resolutions and the concept of “no goals” as talked about by Leo Babauta in which I have also read for years. I don’t subscribe fully to this philosophy but I do apply some of it to here. It may appear at first glance that I have many many goals I am trying to achieve, and I do, but I am doing a wide sweep on most in the general direction of “better” with direct focus on one area of my flat, life or me each week, building habits and getting me the life I want. I know in time, as each week passes, what I want will change too. I don’t have set numbers on most of my goals, like a weight I want to reach or an amount of money I want in my bank account. My goals are more feelings that I would like to achieve and I am confident in this approach because it is based on avoiding what hasn’t worked for me in the past and using all the things that have.

Each podcast follows a formula with defined sections. The last section each episode is a challenge, or a small homework assignment. I really like this, it makes the podcast feel more like a two way conversation, interactive.

Bakers voice is easy to listen to and more so because he doesn’t claim to have all the answers, he is as much on the journey as the rest of us (a reason why I like Leo Babauta too).

I said only yesterday that I don’t like recommending things to people for fear that they won’t like it, that their time will be wasted and it’ll be my fault (note to self: add “learn how to not take things personally that really aren’t personal” to the list of things to focus on one week…) but this time I can’t see any reason not to. If you like listening to podcasts, you like self-development or you want to look after your money better, check it out. And like I said yesterday, if you don’t like it, run the other way and tell nobody I sent you. ;-)

KT :-)

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  1. I’m a huge believer in “plans on paper”. I think that most situations can seem much less daunting if down on paper, especially if broken down into smaller steps. I’m sure that it will help you a lot once you get to the organizing stage.

    Finally, someone else who reads Zen Habits! I actually didn’t know that he did any podcasts at all, I’m going to have to check out the episode that he is on.

    I’m also really drawn to the idea of having little assignments at the end of a section. That way you have some sort of plan to help drive the lesson home.

    Also, this is your blog, you have every right to give your recommendations and thoughts on something. I say, keep them coming!

  2. Hey KT, just dropping you a note to say HI from the Man Vs Debt team – and thank you so much for the kind words! I’m Joan and I’m the project manager for Baker and the team.

    It just means more than I can say that you were so impressed with the message that you decided to share it. We believe in it – it’s certainly changed the lives of all OUR team members personally – and when we hear from someone else that it resonated, well, that makes our day.

    I’ll be looking forward to seeing your blog as it progresses. Good for you for taking on such a project for 2012!

  3. I’ll back-up Joan 100%!

    Thanks so much for not only taking the time to listen, but providing a thoughtful shoutout. Your kind words help us know we are on the right track!

    I’m pumped! Thanks so much!


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