Day 11

Day 11

I’m not sure what to write today. I made it to work, and the gym. I put a couple of hall cupboard items away. I, (for the 3rd time now?) cast on a sock using the christmas gift sock yarn. That yarn is cursed, I tell you. I have changed pattern yet again. I have gone for a simple cable rib pattern to get my confidence back. It didn’t work. I was going great until the row after the first cable row (5th row). I had gained a stitch somewhere in the cabling and I just couldn’t see what stitch didn’t belong to drop it/fix it. In the process of trying to find that one stitch a number of others came off the needles. I have balled up the yarn again. The yarn is good quality but is just starting to show that it has been worked a bit at the start. I am going to stick with this pattern and try again tomorrow. Hopefully this time with a little less tinking (unknitting, or knit backwards) and a lot less frogging (rip it, rip it). Fourth time’s the charm.

I have a review of the Man vs Debt podcast I’d like to do but I’m tired just now so I wouldn’t do it justice. For now I sleep. Tomorrow is another day.

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  1. Maybe the pretty yarn is cursed. That would be very unpleasant! I’m sure this time it will go much better, especially with a simple pattern.

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